Boo! Let the spooky fun begin with the very best vegan Halloween recipes and handy vegan candy guides! From party foods to DIY treats for the kids, we’ve got everything you need for a ghoulishly good time.

Fang-tacular Guide to Celebrating a Boo-tiful Hallows Eve

Hold onto your broomstick, Halloween is coming! And, to be perfectly frank(enstein), we absolutely adore this howling holiday. This vegan Halloween guide was created just for you and we hope it will be love at first fright!
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Spooktacular Halloween Recipes

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Vegan Chocolate Guide

Steer clear of Scary Dairy and explore these plant-based options instead! You can find vegan chocolates in every shade, shape, and form. Whether you're a milk chocolate lover or are are dressing as a Ghostbuster and are on the hunt for white chocolate ghosts, you can find it all vegan.
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Is It Vegan?

Vegan Halloween Candy Guide

Many of your favorite candies are already vegan! Airheads, Atomic Fireballs, Sour Patch Kids, Dots, Swedish Fish, and beyond. In this guide you'll find a list of fully vegan brands, brands with great vegan options, and accidentally vegan mainstream Halloween candy.
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Halloween Party Drinks & Creepy Cocktails

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