Best Vegan Protein Drink Brands + DIY Protein Shake Recipe

Power up your daily plant-based nutrition with vegan protein shakes! In this guide, you'll find the best brands to buy and also a bonus DIY protein shake recipe. Getting in a healthy amount of protein has never been easier!
post featured image Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake in Berry Medley (Source: @drinkevolve on Instagram)
A hand holding a raspberry red colored Evolve plant-based shake container in Berry Medley against a background of pink flowers. Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake in Berry Medley (Source: @drinkevolve on Instagram)
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If Hans and Franz say they need to “pump you up“, it might be time to add in a vegan protein shake! All too often, we’re so busy that we can’t keep track of our health or how many whole foods we’re putting into our bodies. At times like these, having the option of a pre-made, protein-rich snack can make all the difference to our nutrition.

From smooth and creamy flavors to a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients, vegan protein shakes are an awesome way to optimize your health and well-being while keeping it completely dairy-free. These convenient beverages are packed with essential amino acids and offer a delicious and sustainable way to fuel your body and support your fitness goals.

When you’re ready to nourish your body, tempt your taste buds, and increase your plant-based protein, a vegan protein drink may be the way to go. Slip on your comfiest sweatsuit, put down that kettlebell, and let’s talk protein!

Best 100% Plant-Based Protein Shakes

The best vegan meal replacement shakes are the ones that have the least number of additives and preservatives, while keeping a fantastic flavor. This might be hard to achieve for many brands but, luckily, there are a chosen few that totally make the grade. Here is a list of our favorite plant-based protein drinks.

Aloha Vegan Protein Drink

Aloha’s refreshing and revitalizing beverages are made with fair trade coconut milk, pea, and brown rice protein. This B-Corp company’s organic shakes have 20 grams of plant-based protein. They are also free of gluten, dairy, soy, stevia, and GMOs. They come in chocolate sea salt, coconut, vanilla, and iced coffee flavors with added prebiotics to boot!

Four bottles of Aloha Protein Shakes in blue, white, orange, and brown colors laying in the sand on the beach.
Aloha Protein Shakes in Vanilla, Coconut, Iced Coffee and Chocolate Sea Salt (Source: @alohamoment on Instagram)

Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

A popular pea-based brand boasts non-GMO, artificial flavor-free, and high fiber protein drinks with 20 grams of protein per serving. They have a line up of fantastic flavors such as double chocolate, vanilla bean, berry medley, cafe mocha, and chocolate caramel. Evolve also offers high protein powders and bars. It’s amazing that they’ve partnered up with the National Park Foundation to ensure access of the parks to all people!

A hand holding a raspberry red colored Evolve plant-based shake container in Berry Medley against a background of pink flowers.
Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake in Berry Medley (Source: @drinkevolve on Instagram)

Kate Farms Organic Plant-Based Nutrition Shake

This enticing brand offers organic, non-GMO, and dairy-free drinks that are packed with phytonutrients. Kate Farms shakes are also free of artificial flavors, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. Their vegan meal replacement shakes come in chocolate, coffee, and vanilla options. With a 16 gram base of pea protein and appealing taste, they are formulated for easy and gentle digestion.

Two baskets holding Kate Farms plant-based Pediatric Peptide and Nutrition Shakes in different flavors surrounded by autumn pumpkins.
Kate Farms Pediatric Peptide and Nutrition Shakes (Source: @katefarms on Instagram)

Koia Protein Drinks and Shakes

A luscious, low-sugar plant-based protein beverage! Koia is dairy-free and gluten-free, with 18 grams of protein and 7 grams of prebiotic fiber. This brand offers seven different delicious flavors including vanilla bean, cacao bean, chocolate banana, cold brew coffee, cinnamon horchata, chocolate peanut butter, and coconut almond. This brand can easily be found at Target, 7-Eleven, Whole Foods, and Publix.

A line of seven rainbow colored Koia plant-based protein shakes against a light blue background.
A rainbow line up of Koia Protein Shakes in a variety of flavors. (Source: @drinkkoia on Instagram)

Orgain Plant-Based Protein Shake

Orgain’s All in One Nutrition organic drink has 16 grams of protein per serving. In addition, this shake is also gluten-free with 21 vitamins and minerals included. Their tasty, ready-made shakes are offered in both vanilla and chocolate. You can buy them on Amazon or in local groceries stores. For those who are looking for a soy-free option, this is a great choice.

Two Orgain Organic nutrition shakes in vanilla and chocolate flavors leaning against a striped pillow on the light wood background.
Orgain Nutritional Shakes in Sweet Vanilla and Smooth Chocolate (Source: @drinkorgain on Instagram)

Owyn Plant-Based Protein Shake

High in Omega 3s, low in sugar and carbs, and having zero major allergens makes this brand different from the rest. Owyn shakes are plant-based and offers 20 grams of protein per serving. They’ve also added a superfoods greens blend which includes broccoli, kale, and spinach. This brand is highly recommended by dietitians. The decadent flavors include dark chocolate, cold brew coffee, strawberry, cookies and creamless, smooth vanilla, and sea salted caramel.

Four bottles of Owyn non-dairy protein shakes in four different flavors against a teal background.
Four flavors of Owyn non-dairy protein shakes in Smooth Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Cold Brew Coffee and Cookies & Creamless. (Source: @liveowyn on Instagram)

Rebbl Protein Herb Elixir

Rebbl’s superfood elixirs are unique, as well as organic and ethically sourced. This company uses pea, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds to create a well-balanced and pleasant protein blend. The yummy shakes are also gluten-free, GMO-free and soy-free. Rebbl is proud of their product which is made without cane sugar, thickeners, agave, or carrageenan. An excellent grab-and-go choice!

Three bottles of Rebbl plant-based shakes in a cooler of ice.
Rebbl organic, plant-powered protein elixirs in Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, and Hazelnut Chocolate. (Source: @rebbl on Instagram)

Remedy Organics Beverage

Remedy Organics not only offers plant-based protein shakes, but also wellness and immunity “shots”. This company has superfood-charged beverages for anyone wishing to up their nutrient game. Crafted by Holistic Nutritionist, Cindy Kasindorf, these delectable protein drinks come in both chocolate and cold brew flavors. They are keto-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, and organic with 16 grams of protein per bottle.

Four bottles of Remedy Organics plant-based protein shakes in light green, light blue, yellow and pink against a background of grass and confetti.
Remedy Organics plant-based protein shakes in Matcha, Blue Essentials, Golden Mind and Berry Immunity. (Source: @remedyorganics on Instagram)

Ripple Dairy-Free Protein Shake

This newly popular plant-based milk brand offers three flavors of filling and fantastic shakes in chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. Each drink has 20 grams of protein and are all free of lactose, dairy, soy, nuts, and gluten. They are an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus and the shakes have a good amount of potassium. Find these creamy, non-gritty beverages at your local grocery or online store.

Three Ripple plant-based protein shakes in coffee, vanilla and chocolate standing against a yoga mat and set of weights on a blue background.
Ripple plant protein shakes in Coffee, Vanilla, and Chocolate. (Source: @ripplefoods on Instagram)

Soylent Complete Protein Shake

A super creamy and smooth high protein, plant-based shake! Soylent’s ready-to-go beverages have a whopping 30 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar, and an additional 28 vitamins and minerals. We love that they have all 9 essential amino acids and are gluten-free and dairy-free. This excellent brand also offers a meal replacement shake and powder.

A hand placing a bottle of Soylent plant-based ready-to-drink shake into a cardboard box with five other shake flavors next to the box.
A variety pack (Strawberry, Banana, Cafe Mocha, Vanilla, Creamy Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate) of Soylent vegan shakes. (Source: @soylent on Instagram)

More Dairy-Free Protein Shakes with Vegan-Friendly Options

Chances are, when you’re on-the-go and searching for a vegan protein shake, you’ll find very limited options (aka at a grubby gas station or sketchy value mart in the middle of nowhere). It’s okay, we’ve all been there! When you find yourself floundering, just check this list. These brands might just be available!

  • Ensure (Gluten-free, fava bean base, 20 grams of protein, available in both chocolate and vanilla)
  • Huel (Free of dairy, GMOs, animal products, palm oil, and gluten; 22 grams of protein, available in 8 different flavors.)
  • Lean Body (Gluten-free, pea and brown rice base, no GMOs, no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, 30 grams of protein, available in chocolate and vanilla caramel)

Protein-Packed Dairy-Free Milks

Did you know that you can actually get a whole heck-of-a-lot of plant-based protein simply by blending a cup of dairy-free milk with a banana or mango? Both of these fruits have around 1 gram of protein per cup, so that adds even more! The beverages below are listed from the highest amount of protein to the lowest, per 1 cup serving (depending on the brand). Make the best choice for your daily vegan protein needs!

  • Soy (7-20 grams)
  • Pea (4-8 grams)
  • Oat (2-4 grams)
  • Hemp (2-4 grams)
  • Hazelnut (3 grams)
  • Walnut (3 grams)
  • Almond (1-2 grams)
  • Cashew (< 1 gram)
  • Rice (< 1 gram)
  • Coconut (< 1 gram)
  • Flax (0 grams)
Almond cow milk just filled with protein packed nut milk on a table surrounded by cashews and almonds.

Bonus: Did you know that fresh carrot juice has 2.2 grams of protein per cup? Try this Tropical Carrot Smoothie for an extra bit of protein. If you drink the entire batch, you’ll get an added 4 grams of protein for the day! Yay!

Best Plant-Based Protein Add-Ins

If you’re looking to boost your protein level in any beverage or food recipe, this list is for you. Protein from whole plant foods is much easier to assimilate and you can usually find it right in your very own pantry. Here are our favorites:

  • Peanuts (~20 grams per 1/2 cup) or peanut butter
  • Almonds (~16 grams per 1/2 cup) or almond butter
  • Silken Tofu (~10 grams per 1/2 cup)
  • Hemp Seeds (10 grams per 2 tablespoons)
  • Spirulina (8 grams for 2 tablespoons)
  • Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds (4 grams for 2 tablespoons)

For a savory option, choose a serving size (usually 3-4 tablespoons) of nutritional yeast for a surprising 8 grams of protein!

Smooth creamy peanut butter on a bread knife over a bowl of vegan peanut butter.

Vegan Protein Shake FAQs

Are Muscle Milk non-dairy protein shakes vegan?

No, they’re not. Although they are labeled as non-dairy, there are milk proteins and derivatives in the first four ingredients listed. Sadly, they are not vegan.

Are vegan protein shakes good for you?

If you tend to eat more of a vegan junk food diet with not a lot of nutrition, then we would say yes. Adding in a plant-based shake would increase your protein. It would also act almost like a multivitamin with added vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Make sure to check with your doctor first if adding extra protein might cause problems for you.

Is it possible to eat too much vegan protein?

Eating too much of any nutrient can cause your body additional stress to process. The daily rule of thumb is to consume no more than 2 grams of protein per kilogram (or 2.2 pounds) of body weight. Consult your physician or nutritionist for the exact amount that would suit you personally.

More High Protein Resources and Recipes to Try

Easy Vegan Protein Shake

Author: Gina House | World of Vegan
5 from 7 votes
In less than 5 minutes, you can make your own satisfying vegan protein shake right in your very own kitchen! You'll be enjoying a thick creamy shake in no time using just a few staple ingredients. Inexpensive, delicious, and full of whole-food, plant-based goodness!
vegan milkshake in a glass with peanut butter drizzle
Prep Time 4 minutes
Blending Time 1 minute
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1


  • Blender


  • 1 frozen banana
  • ¾ cup soy milk, or high protein plant-milk of choice
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds , or chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter, or nut butter of choice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, optional


  • Add the frozen banana, soy milk, flaxseeds, peanut butter, and vanilla extract to the blender. Blend until smooth.


Optional Add-ins for Extra Protein:

More Swaps & Substitutions:

  • Replace the frozen banana for 1 cup of mixed frozen berries
  • Add in ½ tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • Handful of ice for a thicker consistency


Calories: 329kcal | Carbohydrates: 39g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 15g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 6g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Sodium: 161mg | Potassium: 825mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 21g | Vitamin A: 771IU | Vitamin C: 23mg | Calcium: 280mg | Iron: 2mg
Course Breakfast or Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword plant based shake, protein shake, vegan protein shake

So, friends, don’t you think it’s about time to let your taste buds dance and your muscles groove by adding a few vegan protein drinks to your busy week? We do! These dairy-free and delicious concoctions not only fuel your body with plant-based goodness but also give you a guilt-free excuse to shake it like a plant-powered superstar!

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