Chick-Fil-A Vegan Options and Allergen Menu

Widely considered the least vegan-friendly establishment on planet earth, Chick-Fil-A finally started taking steps to test vegetarian options on their menu in 2023. Here are all the vegan items on their allergen menu.
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View of the front of a Chick Fil-a restaurant with the sign logo in front.
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We were all wondering how long it would take for a vegan-friendly patty to pop up on the menu. Well, that day finally came, albeit fleeting!

In February, 2023, Chick-Fil-A announced that a “Chick-fil-A Cauliflower Sandwich” was being tested in Denver, Charleston, South Carolina, and the Greensboro-Triad region in North Carolina.

This marks the chain’s first-ever plant-based sandwich, and is in response to the demand for a plant-based sandwich item on their menu. However, it does contain milk and eggs which makes it off the table for vegans, but it is a step towards adding more meatless options to this chicken-heavy chain’s menu.

Vegan chick fil a menu options including cauliflower chicken, waffle fries, and iced tea, laid out on a white table.

This guide will show you the ins and outs of how to eat carefully (and cruelty-free) with a minimum amount of fuss. Below you’ll find all of the Chick-Fil-A vegan and vegetarians options on the menu, as well as the Chick-Fil-A allergen menu.

Although this is far from our favorite choice for a quick snack on-the-go, you may find a few choices to meet your needs if there’s nothing else around. Healthy choices may include a fruit cup, juice, and a small salad, while a veganized veggie wrap with fries or chips may fulfill any fast food cravings.

We’ll have to see which restaurant will be the first to have a fully vegan chicken option that actually stays on the menu. Will it be KFC, Chick-Fil-A, or somewhere else entirely? Until then, be sure to check out our vegan chicken guide which not only includes suggestions on which brands are best, but also lots of delicious recipes and tips.

The big question is: Are you going to take a chance on Chick-Fil-A? Let us know in the comments below!

What’s Vegan at Chick-Fil-A?

Are Chick Fil A fries vegan?

Yes! The potato waffle fries are vegan-friendly.

Do you know if Chick-fil-A’s biscuits are vegan?

The biscuits at Chick Fil A have milk and egg ingredients so they are not vegan.

Is there a vegan Chick Fil A sandwich?

If you leave out the chicken, cheese, and dressing from the Grilled Cool wrap and add a vegan vinaigrette, you’ll have yourself a vegan-friendly sandwich.

Are Chick-fil-A hash browns vegan?

You’re in luck! They are. At least there is a vegan breakfast option at Chick-Fil-A.

Chick-Fil-A Vegan Menu Options

Without any substitutions or requests, these are the only menu items that are vegan right off the bat. But, don’t despair! Keep reading for our suggestions on veganizing a selection of salads and making a veggie wrap Chick Fil A vegan-friendly. At least you can count on the crispy potatoes and fresh fruit cup!

Vegan Breakfast Options

  • Buddy Fruits Applesauce
  • Coffee or Juice
  • Fruit Cup
  • Hashbrowns
  • Plain English Muffin
Source: Chick Fil A website

Vegan Lunch or Dinner Options

  • Choice of Beverage
  • Kale Crunch Side – kale and green cabbage, roasted almonds, and a dijon mustard viniagrette
  • Waffle Chips
  • Waffle Potato Fries

Add a vegan-ized salad (see below) and you’re good to go!

More Chick-Fil-A Vegan Options and Add-ons

To add extra oomph and a dollop of deliciousness onto your plate, give these sauces, toppings, and dressings a try. You’re pretty safe with beverages, just keep away from the liquid treats (which all contain dairy). Don’t settle on just one choice, go crazy and add as many as you like!

Chick Fil A Vegan Sauces:

  • Barbecue
  • Chili Lime
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Polynesian
  • Sweet and Spicy Sriracha

Note: Is the trademark Chick Fil A sauce vegan? Unfortunately, this sauce contains eggs. Let’s hope that a vegan Chick Fil A sauce is in the works!

Dairy-Free Dressings:

  • Chili Lime Vinaigrette
  • Light Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Light Italian
  • Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Sandwich Toppings:

  • Lettuce
  • Pickles
  • Tomato

Vegetarian Salad Toppings:

  • Chili Lime Pepitas
  • Crispy Bell Peppers
  • Saltines

Drinks & Beverages:

  • Chick-Fil-A Lemonade (regular and diet) – a must try, it’s actually homemade!
  • Dasani Water
  • Fountain Drinks (Coca-Cola products)
  • Fresh Brewed Ice Tea (sweetened and unsweetened)
  • Honest Kids Apple Juice
  • Hot Coffee
  • Simply Orange Juice
  • Sunjoy (all varieties)

Veganized Menu Items

Vegan options at Chick Fil A are on the low side, so here are a few variations that we feel are worthwhile. If you are vegetarian, Chick Fil A will have more for you to choose from and less to leave out, such as cheese, eggs, or dressings. Luckily the Chick Fil A allergy menu can help with figuring out what’s suitable for your dietary needs. Here are some suggestions for choosing from the Chick Fil A menu, vegan style with a twist.

Cobb Salad – Ask for no ranch dressing, no chicken, no cheese, no bacon, no eggs. Substitute with a vegan-friendly dressing.

Market Salad – Leave out the chicken and cheese.

Grilled Cool Wrap – Make the Chick Fil A veggie wrap vegan by requesting no meat, cheese, and dressing. You’ll be left with a flax wrap filled with lettuce, cabbage, and carrots. Swap for a vegan vinaigrette. Not too bad a choice for a Chick Fil A vegan wrap.

Side Salad – Ask for no cheese.

Spicy Southwest Salad – Request no creamy dressing, no chicken, no cheese and add a vegan-friendly dressing.

Can You Customize Chick-Fil-A Menu Items?

We recently contacted Chick-Fil-A after a helpful follower mentioned that this company would no longer allow customers to customize wraps or other meals at any location. Lucky for us, someone from the corporate branch got back to us with this answer:

As of Jun. 12, 2023, Chick-fil-A is introducing an enhanced ordering experience, giving customers more choices to tailor their meals and create new flavor creations. You can customize your meal in the Chick-fil-A® App using the tap-to-add and tap-to-remove features when you order.

– Lizzie M. of Chick-Fil-A Cares

So, friends, it looks like we can still veganize the salads and wraps. Yay!

How to Use the Chick-Fil-A Allergen Menu

Check out the Chick Fil A Allergen Menu page to make sure that you are purchasing a vegan-friendly item. The menu items offered at Chick-Fil-A don’t seem to change very often, but you may want to double check before you visit.

  • Browse the Chick-Fil-A menu before ordering. You can also print out the vegan option menu here.
  • If ordering Chick-Fil-A online or through a delivery service, make sure you clearly specify any substitutions you would like. If you’re worried that your request may not be honored (or seen by the server at Chick-Fil-A), it might be a better idea to go there directly to order.
  • Be careful when new and exciting seasonal products are offered at Chick-Fil-A. Double-check the allergens and ingredients to make sure the item is vegan before purchasing.

NOT Vegan at Chick-Fil-A

Besides the obvious meat and cheese menu items, here are additional foods that are not plant-based or vegan-friendly. If you find out more, let us know!

  • Biscuits – Contains both eggs and milk.
  • Buns and Brioche Rolls – Both have honey and dairy as ingredients.
  • Chick-Fil-A Signature Sauce – Contains eggs.
  • Dressings – Except for those noted above, these dressings are not vegan: Garden Herb Ranch, Honey Mustard, Zesty Buffalo, Honey-Roasted BBQ, Avocado Lime Ranch, Creamy Salsa, and Fat-Free Honey Mustard.
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait – Uses dairy yogurt, not plant-based yogurt.
  • Harvest Nut Granola – Has honey as an ingredient.
  • Treats – None of the treats, including the Frozen Lemonade, are vegan. They all contain dairy.

Awesome Vegan Fast Food Sandwich Chains in the U.S.

If you find figuring out vegan-friendly options at other fast food chains frustrating, here is a luscious list of burger and sandwich shops that are fully vegan. Downright delicious and seriously stress-free. Let us know if you come across other 100% vegan eateries in your area!

100% Vegan Burger and Sandwich Shops

Make Your Own Homemade Vegan Chicken Dishes

Historic Vegan Moments in Chick-Fil-A History

  • 2021 – Chick-Fil-A creates a page on their website specifically noting all of the vegan options on their menu, which sadly does not include any plant-based chicken options…yet.
  • 2023 – Chick-Fil-A trials a Chick-fil-A Cauliflower Sandwich (that was vegetarian but not vegan) in select locations.
Poster showing Chick-fil-a's new vegetarian breaded cauliflower sandwich (which is not vegan).

Fascinating Facts About Chick-Fil-A

  • This restaurant was named Dwarf House when it was first established in Hapeville, GA in 1946. The transition to the name Chick-Fil-A occurred in 1967.
  • All locations are closed on Sundays so that employees can “rest and worship if they choose.”
  • First 100 Campout is a term that describes the first 100 people who arrive at a brand new location and receive Chick-Fil-A completely free for an entire year.
  • There is a Hawaiian-style Chick-Fil-A called ‘Truett’s Luau’ and is located in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Creating a Kinder and More Accessible Chick-Fil-A Vegan Experience 

Although Chick-Fil-A have not yet included any dairy-free alternatives or vegan fried chicken options to their menu, we can still hope that our hungry vegan bellies will be heard. Since there are so few plant-based chicken choices on the fast food front, let’s hope that they get their act together and add at least one menu item soon. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have vegan-friendly nuggets, chicken sandwiches, or even a single vegan dessert or dairy-free mac and cheese?  In the meantime, we can always write to, call, or contact the managers of any location to make our requests.

What would be your most wished for lunch menu items on a Chick-Fil-A vegan menu? Let us know on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Have you found any other Chick-Fil-A menu vegetarian options to be veganizable? Did you find something amazing that we missed? Let us know by tagging #worldofvegan and sharing your favorite vegan-at-chick-fil-a creations with all of us!

How To Order Vegan Lunch at Other Fast Food Chains

This article is not sponsored and we are in no way affiliated with Chick-Fil-A. At the time of this article, the menu items mentioned above are vegan. Since restaurants constantly update their menus and add or take away items, please keep this in mind when ordering your food. There may be new Chick Fil A vegan options that are not listed or items listed here as vegan, which are no longer vegan. Take care to double-check.

This Chick Fil A vegan guide was written by Gina House and edited by Michelle Cehn. Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which means shopping through them really helps to support World of Vegan! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately you cannot request changes to cool wraps. I work at Chick-Fil-A and corporate is no longer allowing changes to wraps; they’re all served as is.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been speaking to a couple of people and it seems like it depends on the owner of the franchise. I know in the past week or so a few customers have made changes (fried chicken instead of another type), so I wonder if leaving out the chicken would be a similar situation. I’m waiting on a response from the company itself, but we truly appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention 🙂

  2. I’ve literally never been but so disappointing that they have sooooo few vegan options and chick fil a! Hoping for a vegan chicken something here soon!

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