Vegan Restaurants in Denver

Visit Denver and make sure you hit all the best vegan restaurants in town! There's a ton of amazing options, so make sure you come hungry.
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Vegan waffle topped with pistachios, cranberries and icing.
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Seated at the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado isn’t called the “Mile High City” for nothing. Of course, it’s more than just the geographic location that’s elevated. Denver’s burgeoning culinary scene is considered the pinnacle of fine dining, fast casual, and everything in between.

Rest assured that this progressive enclave of artists and activists has plenty in store for vegan eaters too. Pack your walking shoes and stretchy pants; you’ll want to hit the ground eating to try all the amazing vegan restaurants in Denver.

100% Vegan Restaurants in Denver

While you might be lucky to find one or two completely vegan menus in most towns, Denver is home to dozens of eateries free from all animal products. Pace yourself and bring friends; it will be hard to leave without trying everything.

Somebody People

Described as “a vegetable-forward dining experience,” this upscale yet casual restaurant is a gem for light, Mediterranean fare, natural wines, and craft cocktails. Enjoy an elegant dinner of manicotti or sunchoke risotto, or go all-out with a four-course set menu for the full, curated experience.

Vegan pasta in a bowl.
Vegan pasta from Somebody People

Bang Up To The Elephant!

Get a breath of fresh air with Caribbean-inspired dishes, from coconut curry to seitan mojo, served in a colorful, vibrant space. For those on a budget, don’t miss happy hour for great deals on select cocktails and snacks.

Vegan quesadillas served with guacamole.
Vegan Quesadillas from Bang Up To The Elephant!

Wellness Sushi

Forget boring old cucumber rolls; these creative maki rolls are filled with brilliant plant-based alternatives to salmon sashimi, spicy tuna, crab salad, and so much more. Hearty ramen, rice bowls, and hot curries are also available for those craving a more substantial meal. No matter what, you’ll never miss the fish.

Teriyaki sushi rolls on a platter.
Photo source: Wellness Sushi

Meta Burger

This homegrown Colorado chain has three locations slinging meatless burgers and fried faux-chicken sandwiches. Each meal satisfies all your comfort food cravings with better ingredients and bolder flavors than ever. From classic to creative, each assembly pairs beautifully with a frosty dairy-free milkshake.

Three vegan burgers with various toppings stacked on one another.
Photo source: Meta Burger

Watercourse Foods

A Denver institution, Watercourse Foods is a must visit for any avid foodie. Opened in 1998 as a vegetarian enclave, they transitioned to a completely vegan menu in 2014 and haven’t looked back. Open both early and late, you can spend a full day eating your way through the diverse options, from hearty breakfast sandwiches to loaded truffle fries with a seasonal cocktail.

Vegan Oyster Mushroom Po'Boy Sandwich and fries on a plate.
Photo source: Watercourse Foods

Vegan Van

Follow that van! It may feel like a wild goose chase at times, but it’s worth tracking down this mobile vendor for their incomparable breakfast burrito, chalupa supreme, and pulled chicken sandwich. The menu is short but savory, which is a good thing, since you’ll want to order everything on it.

Vegan crunchwrap sliced in half with the cut sides facing forward.
Photo source: Vegan Van


Local, seasonal vegetables, fresh from the garden, are the focal point of this chef-driven menu. Take your favorite dishes and upgrade them with what’s growing now, like the root vegetable Reuben and mushroom gnocchi, for a more flavorful, healthful take that will leave you more satisfied than ever.

Flatbread topped with roasted delicata squash and house-made harissa.
Photo source: Gladys

Fellow Traveler

For date night or happy hour, you can’t go wrong with the strong “sexy drinks” and hearty vegan eats this trendy hot spot is known for. Their Mexican-inspired fare is where they excel, pulling out all the stops for their spicy chilaquiles and jumbo burritos, all without using any fake meat or highly processed substitutes. All these ingredients are made in-house for an inimitable final flavor.

Vegan breakfast taco with scrambled tofu, avocado, and chipotle crema.
Photo source: Fellow Traveler

Next Level Burger

This national chain now features hearty burgers, thick shakes, fries, tots, brats, and nuggets. You can even chose from a number of meatless patties to suit your cravings, whether you prefer an old school veggie burger or modern Beyond Meat monster, layered like an In-N-Out animal-style masterpiece.

Vegan Crispy Chik'n Burger from Next Level Burger.
Photo source: Next Level Burger

Everyday Pizza

Situated in the heart of Denver, Everyday Pizza is on a mission to make the beloved flatbread the center of every meal. Of course, the handcrafted pastas also make a strong case for stopping in too, along with craft cocktails, and immaculate vibes all around. Don’t forget to try the tiramisu for dessert, made in house with a tender vanilla cake soaked in espresso and amaro before being lavished with fluffy cashew whipped cream.

Vegan pizza topped with celery root, charred onions, napa cabbage, lemon, chili and cilantro.
Photo source: Everyday Pizza

Native Foods

Originally founded in Southern California, this small chain now has three outposts in Colorado, with one situated in prime downtown Denver. You’ll find something for everyone here, whether you’re on the go or looking for a chance to sit down together and share burgers, sandwiches, or bowls.

A VeggRib sandwich dripping with sauce.
Photo source: Native Foods

So Radish

For a fun, funky, and quirky atmosphere, you can’t beat this vegan bar. Of course, while the drink list is as expansive as it is impressive, the food is a draw all by itself. Staunch omnivores have been won over by the mushroom cheesesteak, hearty “crab” cakes, and crispy fried cauliflower tacos. There’s a kids menu too, so bring the whole family!

Vegan cheesesteak made with mushrooms.
Photo source: So Radish

The Picky Vegan

If you want healthy food that tastes great too, you’re not alone. Discerning taste buds will be delighted by The Picky Vegan, allowing you to build your own bowl with all the flavors you crave, none of the junk you don’t. You can even make custom cauliflower wings, spiced to perfection, whether you like them mild or wild.

Vegan Caesar Salad bowl with a side of dressing.
Photo source: The Picky Vegan

Total Vegan Indian Restaurant

Given the long tradition of vegetarianism in Indian culture, it’s no surprise that a completely vegan take on the cuisine is a brilliant success. Eat without worry of hidden ghee, cream, or paneer here; it’s entirely plant-based!

Vegan Indian curry in a bowl with cauliflower and chickpeas.
Photo source: Total Vegan Indian

Vegetarian Restaurants in Denver

Make it meatless at these incomparable vegetarian establishments. Not everything is vegan, but the plant-based options are abundant and well-represented. Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Denver!

  • V Revolution: Nearly everything on the menu can be made vegan if it isn’t already, so the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to eat! These Asian-inspired noodles and rice bowls span from Japan to Thailand, with all sorts of savory treats in between.
  • City, O’ City: Self-described as Denver’s favorite vegetarian restaurant, they have a nearly cult strong following that would agree. Open until midnight every day, they’ve got you covered for all your comfort food cravings, like chicken and waffles or mac and cheese.
  • The Corner Beet: Get juiced up for a busy day at this cute little cafe, with fresh pressed fruit and vegetable drinks, golden lattes, and one of the best avocado toasts in the city.
  • The Madras Cafe: Featuring South Indian cuisine, these authentic curry blends positively glow with bright spices and rich, slow-cooked sauces. It’s some of the best Indian food you can enjoy on this side of the world.
  • Vital Root: Real food is the inspiration for this fast-casual restaurant that offers nourishing, planet-friendly meals. Global flavors inform this all-day menu, served in a stylish cafe that boasts two patios, for all your indoor and outdoor dining needs.
Vegan waffle topped with pistachios, cranberries and icing.
Vegan Waffle from Vital Root

Vegan Friendly Denver Restaurants

When dining in mixed company, there’s no need to compromise on flavor or fun. Plenty of restaurants in Denver feature conventional dishes for omnivores alongside equally exciting options for vegan eaters.

  • Palenque Concina Y Agaveria: Get traditional Mexican fare from this family-owned, award-winning restaurant when you really want to have a fiesta. You can’t go wrong with any of the plant-based options, but they’re particularly well known for their homemade tamales.
  • Sputnik: Check out the separate, entirely vegan menu for these cosmic creations. These globally inspired bowls, sandwiches, and snacks are truly out of this world! If you can’t choose from all the stellar fare, the veggie corn dog is always a popular option.
  • Little India: Four outposts bring you more than just a few token vegan entrees. From classics like chana masala to more modern mushroom mutter, there’s plenty on the menu to spice up your life.
  • Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs: This is not your average dirty water hotdog cart. Almost everything on the menu can be made vegan, from the deep-fried chimi-dog to diet-friendly, lettuce wrapped low carb dog.
  • Jerusalem Restaurant: Vegan options are clearly marked on this Middle Eastern menu. You can never go wrong with the hummus and falafel combo, with crispy chickpea patties fried fresh to order and luscious, creamy hummus to dip them in.
  • Yak & Yeti: With six locations around the state, Yak & Yeti is the go-to resource of Nepalese specialties. Everything aside from three items can be made vegan, and you’ll have so many incredible noodles, curries, flatbreads, and snacks to choose from, you’ll never miss ’em.
  • Voodoo Doughnut: Imported from Portland, OR, there are ten vegan flavors, stocked on a rotating basis or available for pre-order. If you only have room for one, you must try the iconic Voodoo Doll, shaped just like an edible voodoo doll stabbed with a pretzel stick and bleeding sweet raspberry jam.
  • Urban Burma: Notable not just because this is the first Burmese restaurant in Denver, but also because almost any dish can be made vegan or vegetarian upon request! You can’t miss the tea leaf salad, which is distinctly crunchy, tangy, juicy, sweet, sour, and tart all in one bite.
  • Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant: In a town with an abundance of excellent Ethiopian options, Abyssinia stands out as a top pick. Don’t get FOMO; just order the vegetarian sampler that comes with 7 different plant-based curries and stews, perfect for scooping up with gluten-free injera.
Veggie platter with various vegetarian Ethiopian dishes served over Injera flatbread.
Vegetarian Sampler from Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Did we miss any of your favorite vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Denver? Make sure to let us know in the comments! If you’re searching for more exotic vegan restaurant locations, make sure to check out our Best Tel Aviv Vegan Restaurants Guide!

Photos sourced from restaurant socials and Rachel Lessenden.

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